aRtisT StATeMeNt

Artist Statement
Camille McPhee

     I am a hunter and gatherer in pursuit of beautiful patterns in the universe, which I then visually represent in an abstract form. I enjoy theorizing and contemplating the existence of this world. I seek clarity and truth concerning the nature of reality through intuition and relevant studies in science, various spiritual philosophies, and psychology. Through this quest, I have come to realize the parallel relationships between the macrocosmic and microcosmic states. Within these states, patterns exist. I wish to express these natural and imagined patterns through my creative work. I hope to inspire others to see the beauty in the world and consider the possibilities that the universe encapsulates. The specific purpose of my creative work is to combine observation, scientific theory, and spiritual philosophy to create a visual representation of my personal understanding of the universe and our existence. In general, my creative work represents my own personal journey towards clarity and understanding of life in this universe.

     My current work in painting is concerned with making the invisible visible. In this work I am mainly using oil on board and canvas. The work is accomplished by using my imagination to create visual images of what a variety of invisible subjects and theories may look like from the natural and cosmic realms of an imaginary parallel universe. I am also interested in the visual comparison between the microscopic and macroscopic viewpoint as stated above. Some of these images are based on my reactions to scientific theories and others are based on my own thoughts and feelings of what could be possible.

     While experimental science and research does inform my work, philosophical and spiritual components are also inherent within my images as all of these disciplines seek answers to questions about the nature of reality and existence. While working on the pieces, using a combination of scientific evidence and intuitive sense, I hold images, thoughts, and feelings about our existence in my mind, which is then projected into the work. My hope is that the work will spark questions and ideas in the viewers’ minds about the nature of the universe that will lead to communication about existence and the nature of reality.

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