Happiness Results From Simplicity

     Learning to simplify is not so simple, it actually requires a lot of work. Artists by nature want to save everything. This is because our creative minds can find value and use in many objects that others reject. Unfortunately, most of us never have time to use even half the stuff that we think we’re going to use in our next latest greatest creative project.
     I recently moved into a very tiny apartment (350 sq ft.) and this has forced me to prioritize my belongings. Sometimes we don’t even realize what we actually have until we are forced to sort through it all. Day after day of looking at the same surroundings I’ve ended up completely ignoring them. I have found that I can quickly fill up any size space in which I live and I would bet that most other people would do the same. This small apartment is a teacher of sorts, guiding me into a mode of simplicity and organization. I do appreciate that and feel relieved, less stressed, and happier in my new organized environment. Yeah!

One thought on “Happiness Results From Simplicity

  1. Hi Camille! This is a great website. I know what you mean about simplifying life. My family and I just moved from a two-story house to an apartment. It was great chatting with you at the Dean’s party. I hope to see you again soon. – Grace H.

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